Benefits of Retail365cloud

Easy Business Management

Whether purchaser information or their orders or their delivery, each goal in retail enterprise is manageable. Your data control turns into extremely speedy and additionally you may have gentle accession of these records. Massive database slows the operation of the machine and therefore your expectation may additionally see deemed consequences.

Online Monitoring

The best advantage of Retail365cloud software lies in integration management. It unifies entire unit and the user can watch all those business activities such customer’s inquiry or customer’s order or product dispatch or product from its device whether PC or mobile. The facility of online monitoring Retail ERP makes it an exclusive offer for retail businesses.

Increase in SALES by 20-30%

Serve more customers at same time with fast billing counters and Increase the number of customers through referral programs.Also Increase the average sale with cross-sale, up-sale and customer frequency (from once monthly to twice monthly).

MSI Reports

It covers all kinds of reports by giving beautifully design dashboard so that can you access all your business operations on a single click.


Reduce your stock holding cost.Intelligent ordering system will automatically calculate stock and order levels.Increase your return on stock up to 12%.Differentiating between inventory for seasonal and perennial sales.Analysing fluctuation in sales for perennial goods month by month.


Reduce EXPENSES by 20-40%.Analyzing petty expenses on a routine basis and eliminate unnecessary routine purchases.Make more use of automated operations with less human intervention.Easily identify and streamline the areas for cost and purchase improvements.Forensically examine the potential business expenditure, shortage and profit leaks.Analytically reviewing sales by day and time.

Cost and Time Saving

The business runs effectively with the utilization of its resources. The business management software is completely saves the time and money of a retail employer and gives it financial boost up. Setting higher ambitions and accomplishing them easily ensures the growth of an any organization, whether retail or any other. But, the real one has enormous competition and it is indeed to be prepared with your resource to keep your business ahead in competition. Retail365cloud is helping those ambitious organization in fulfilling their dreams.


Powerful administration that brings growth.Ready-to-use real-time reports on-the-move. Powerful tools let you build a foundation for future. Easily automate and streamline business processes to deliver the best shopping experience to your customers. Security that controls and moves your business even when you’re away from it. The robust system that shoulders your responsibility and scalable technology that shares your vision for growth and expansion.